Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just thoughts

I am sitting here at my computer skipping through everyone eles blog and thinking I really should get something done. My thought is "What have I done today"?

I woke early, and it wasnt long till Casie stopped by and Dell came in from the shop and we had a bite to eat, some Banana bread I had made yesterday. We talked and she told us how her horse had jumped a fence and was at the Vet. I was worried something like this would happen.

Soon it was time for her to go get Bridger. What a cute kid. Next thing I know I am making lunch for all of us and Kinie brough Kinslie by to stay for awhile.

I finish lunch and soon find myself watching both kids while moms and dad go get things done. I cleaned up the kitchen. Wiped everything down and then had to get some old jam and carrots dumped and the bottles washed.

In the middle of this I find myself filing papers that should have been done months ago. I cleaned one desk off and swept the floors.

I am thinking What in the world is for dinner? I cooked once today isnt that enough?
So what is for dinner, it is 7:00 p.m. What 7:00 pm. Isnt it bed time yet????

Now yesterday, I bottled 8 pints of carrots, made Banana bread, cookies and froze 8 bags of corn. But What did I do today?

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The Hammers said...

You babysat your good daughter and her cute baby. That takes a lot out of a Grandma! Thanks, Mom! Love you!