Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Queit Day

Today is Wednesday, (know how I learned to spell that) I was about 6 and a neighbor leady that my mother used to clean for helped me. Eisabell Pickering. She said you say it Wed nes day. I never forgot. Oh well, enough silly.

It is quiet and calm around here today. I worked my behind off yesterday picking up and cleaning, till I found out my vacumn was broke. I did get it fixed and finished cleaning today.

Nothing is really going on, except I made a menu and was going to stick to it till, I made Taco's for Taco Tuesday and now I am sick, Too much grease or red meat, not sure. So today I am going to relax a bit and double think my menu. I will be out and about surfing the net today to see if I can find any fun ideas for the up coming holidays.
love ya and hope to see you around.
ps- Bonnie you need to add me so I can see what you have been up too. love

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