Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Thoughts

Today was Sunday and like most Sunday's we go to church and then the kids all come over for dinner.

Today wasn't much different except we had planned to have a little birthday celebration for Kinslie V. She just turned 4.

So cake was arrainged and dinner was planned. Before leaving for church I put a pink table cloth on and fixed a watermelon.

Everyone came and we gathered for dinner, Kinslie V. wanted to do the blessing, It's her day so it was her turn. No one seemed to mind, (sometime the kids get their feelings hurt if they don't get to do the blessing) anyway this small sweet 4 year old gave the sweetest blessing, she thanked Heavenly Father for everything, not just everything but everything that mattered. her mom her dad her family her granpa's her grandma, her dog, her cousins, for Sunday school and primary, for the nice weather. She only asked for a few things, 1 that her daddy would do good in Missori, and to bless the food. We had to remind her to bless the food. Everyone was quiet and listened (this doesnt alway happen) and all of the grown ups were very humbled. A small child only give thanks and we ask for blessings. It makes me want to slow down and remember to give more thanks.
Thank you Kinslie V for teaching me.

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