Sunday, October 17, 2010

Run and dont be weary

Sunday, Oct. 17th 2010
Today is a friends birthday and I cant call her - no phone# - cant send a card- no address. I know she is in Wyoming and I know where but somedays go by so fast that I wonder if I will ever catch up.

Happy Birthday LuWayne and wishes for many more.

As I sat in Sacarement today and listened to the speaker and he spoke of Temple and Family History. How we need to commit and the DO it. I love doing both but I am so unorganized that I cant even remeber to wish a friend a Happy Birthday.

I could go to the temple any day I wanted but somehow I always get sideswiped. Husbands, daughters, laziness, grandchildren, housework. I just dont know how to commit and DO It.

The Family History thing, if someone would help me organize all the paper work so I could tell who is next and then go on. What I wouldnt give.

Temple work, I think the only real reason I dont go on a reqular basis is I look for an excuse. I am my worse enemy at this.

Serving my neighbor, I think of it tons and I am to lazy.

So I quess I am asking for someone to challenge me and then ck up on me.
I know Heavenly Father has challenged me but out of sight out of mind.

Man, this sounds bad but this is the thoughts I have had all day.
I love you all and pray (no I won't, I will forget)
Have a Great week, and ck back later.

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The Hammers said... do just fine with all of this. You are just exhausted today. You just need a night without all our kids there and you'd feel much better. I promise not to make you babysit for at least a day. :) I don't get to the temple as much as I need to either, but I try. Just keep swimming, Mom. You are doing JUST FINE!!!!