Wednesday, October 20, 2010


What a beautiful day, the birds are singing, and the bells are ringing. What am I talking about?
My older sister Barbara is getting married today! She lost her husband earlier this past winter and she has reunited with an old friend. I hope only happy things for her and that her and his children will alow them to live a happy and long life together. She has good kids and I really think they are happy for her. She wont be alone anymore. (We wont have to move her again.;))

There is only on thing bothering me. When did I become the mom and everyone else is my child. I laid awake most of the night with a feeling that something is wrong. I went through each problem it could be and I just cant put my finger on it. I only hope it is not about her.

Many happy wishes to Barbara and Darrel who will in less than 4 hours will start a new life.

Just a thought to self, Enjoy the sunshine and get this house cleaned. Oh, one more thought my sweet granddaughter has such trust in the love from her grandparents, she called grapa last night and asked if she could borrow some of his Santa's for a project next month. Now if any of you know, we have many many many and yes many Santa's that we put out each year. Grandp treasures each and everyone. BUT he loves her enough to say sure. What a trust..

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