Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lifting the Soul

Saturday Feburaty 26, was such a special day, 1- I spent it with my beautiful daughter, Kinie. 2- We had super weather and great parking. 3- Lucky seats, right in front of the mic.

Now you are asking "what in the world am I talking about?"
We were treated to a Special Relief Society meeting in the new event center in Rexburg, Idaho with Special speaker Julie B. Beck of the General Relief Society Presidency.

Along with close to 15000 other women and a few special Priesthood holders, we were spiritually feed for 2 hours. It seemed like it was only minutes.

Her forum was even special, She allowed women who had everyday questions about balancing life with Gospel.

Each person asked a question that pertained to thier life, Sister Beck would have an anserw to that question along with a scripture or a example that filled each one of us with hope.

If you came away not feeling of the feast that had been given it was only your hard necked proud feelings ( I say that because I have done that).

Soften your heart, pray about what was said and let the Spirit quide you in knowing God Loves you, God knows of you, and WORRIES about you.

I came home and read the story of Mary and Martha and have such respect for both of them, and understand that I have a long way to go to walk the path they walked.

How humble am I this morning? Very but at the same time feel so full of Gods love, and pray each one of you that read this will feel the same.

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