Friday, February 25, 2011


I challenge each one of us to do something fresh and (Not) new. Take one spot in your house. One wall one vinette just one spot in your house and make it new. This can not cost more than $5.oo. Use what you have, bring something in from another room. Great chance to go junking at the local DI store.

Plant some seeds in an intresting pot and display it so you can watch spring enter your home.

Invite Spring to that one spot and then return and tell us about it. Take pictures and share.

This weekend, most of us will be going to hear Sister Beck in Rexburg, I feel that she might talk on gratitude (not sure). We all have trial that are weighing us down but let's don't let it because we did'nt try to cheer ourselves up by refreshing and inviting the Spirit into your home.

I am so excited and hope you will invite all your friends to take the Challenge.


The Hammers said...

My challenge is going to be my bedroom this week. I already have the if I can get my sweetie to paint it. So, that will cost nothing. I have an awesome TV shelf waiting in the garage to take upstairs. Now, if I could just find a comforter for $5...probably not going to happen, but I'll take your challenge otherwise. Have so much fun tomorrow!!!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I am challenged. Today is my cleaning day and I plan to do this in each room. I am going to my basement to recreate and find Spring items in my storage.
You have a great day!

I saved all my potted plants from Summer and my geraniums are busting out of the pots. I need to replant them if I get to it today!