Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thoughts of Sunday

Today was Fast and Testimony for us. One sister stood and spoke of the blessings of her father who was showing signs of having the DESIRE to do the things he used to do. He had an accident five months ago and is just now starting to show real signs of getting back to his old self.

The word DESIRE stuck with me.

I have had a tough year, with family. The loss of trust, the loss of friendship and the worry of where my family is headed. Every family has the same troubles just in differnt elements.

I had lost all desire to be with people, ( even family ) no desire to attend church and partake of sacarement, I wanted no calling, no telephone. I really didnt even want to talk to my sweet sisters, daughters of even my husband.

I put a huge wedge between me and everything I loved. Exspecially the Lord.

I remember the feeling of overwhelming desire to serve all in my path. To do all that was asked of me. To step out of my box no matter what. I remember the joys it brought to me and my family.

Today I felt the DESIRE to feel that again. I pray the Lord will forgive me and help me to not let anything ever again step between me and him, my family and my friends.

Any of you family that reads this, I now think may understand, because they love me and watched as this year has passed. Know I have always loved you, I always knew that Jesus Christ was there waiting for me and knowing I would be back.

I have the DESIRE to work hard and have the love of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. I only hope its not to late.

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